Electric vehicles in B.C.

B.C. is ready for electric vehicles

Clean and affordable power makes B.C. a great fit for electric vehicles.

Is it time to consider a switch to electric?

B.C. is ready for electric vehicles.

Approx. number of public charging stations in B.C.


Clean power generated by BC Hydro last year


Cost of charging a Nissan Leaf at home (per 100 km)



Buying and owning

All the basics. Benefits, costs, geography, and list of vehicles available in B.C.


Charging electric vehicles explained – at home and on the road. Costs, and where to find stations.

Businesses and fleets

Information for employers, building owners, strata councils, and parking garages.

News and resources

Electric vehicle news, views and technical information.

What's BC Hydro's role?

We're making it easier for you to own and drive an electric vehicle, from the affordable power we supply (98% of the electricity we generate is clean and renewable) to the installation of dozens of DC fast charging stations across B.C. We'll even help you find a certified installer for a charging station in your home.